Damian Kowalewich
View Royal Councillor



Thank you to the 1,295 residents who came out to vote for our recent by-election. I feel honoured to have been elected as your newest Councillor. I hope that I have earned your trust over these past several months by demonstrating my dedication to View Royal and its residents. I remain fully committed to creating a sustainable town, and will continue to provide transparent communication and collaboration with all community members. 

I am seeking re-election as View Royal Councillor on October 20th, 2018. Please check out my information below; if you like what you see please share it with your family, friends, and neighbours. Every vote counts. 


Damian loves View Royal! He has been living with his wife and two children in the community for a decade and they appreciate all of the beautiful parks, forests, beaches, and friendly folks in View Royal. 

Damian has been working hard to master his role as View Royal Councillor. He has a balanced voice on council, provides a fresh and family-focused perspective, and is a thoughtful decision maker. He has enjoyed meeting with many residents, employees, and stakeholders in View Royal and has been actively engaged in several key decisions for the town since being elected. 

As Chair of the Transportation Committee, Damian is a strong advocate for a long-term transportation solution for View Royal and the CRD. He has proactively created opportunities to consult with various levels of government on this pressing issue and has enjoyed hearing from residents about their ideas. As part of the Committee of the Whole, Damian is also the View Royal liaison for School District #61 and the local parent advisory groups. 

Damian has been a police officer for 13 years and has expertise in public safety, communication, and high-level responsibility. He has been part of many specialized sections, including the Emergency Response Team and Professional Standards. He is  a Detective Sergeant for the Major Crime Divison of a municipal police department.   

Damian has a BA and post-bachelor's certificate in leadership. He is past president of the Saanich Volunteer Society, past president of the Citizens Advisory Committee for Federal Corrections, and he coaches JDF minor hockey & lacrosse. He and his wife are passionate about community wellness for all ages. His wife is a children's therapist.

Damian is eager to continue working hard for the residents of View Royal. Having spent the past several months learning the ropes and making connections as View Royal Councillor, Damian is confident that he can continue to provide View Royal with steady, strong, and reliable leadership.



View Royal residents need to feel valued and heard by council. I will continue to increase public participation by building connections and shaping the decision making process to be more collaborative and accessible for all residents. I will listen, then take action to get results. 


As Chair of the Transportation Committee, I will continue to strongly advocate with different levels of government to improve traffic congestion. I will encourage the federal and provincial governments to spend money to support CRD infrastructure. I will also seek solutions to encourage safe, realistic alternate modes of transportation for View Royal residents. 


Safe, clean, and affordable housing is something that everyone deserves. I will continue to engage in multi-level government planning for affordable housing and thoughtful, sustainable development.


View Royal residents want us to protect our parks and natural greenspace. We need to be more cognizant about balancing the need for development and preserving land. I will work closely with environmental groups and developers to ensure that we have the highest standard for keeping View Royal beautiful and vibrant. 


One of the biggest things that View Royal residents have voiced is their desire for more family-friendly events. This year's Eagle Creek Art Fest was a great example of how our town efforts came together to create the sense of community that residents want. 


I will utilize my law enforcement and emergency service expertise to enhance public safety for the Town of View Royal and our schools. 

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Voting Dates and Locations


Advance Voting Opportunities:

Two advance voting opportunities will be held in the View Royal Town Hall Council Chambers, at 45 View Royal Avenue:

  • Wednesday, October 10, 2018, 8:00am until 8:00pm;
  • Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 8:00am until 8:00pm.

General Voting Day: 

General Voting Day will take place on Saturday, October 20, 2018 from 8:00am until 8:00pm at the following locations:

To vote via mail ballot, please go to this link for more information:

VR Councillor Damian Kowalewich

VR Councillor Damian Kowalewich